If you watched what happened in the United States last summer, you know that Antifa is more than capable of causing the kind of damage that would make what happened at the Capitol look like someone turning over a table at a yard sale.

Hell, look at the cities that they turned into total dumps. Yet, they still have the full ability to communicate and organize to the point that if they need to get five thousand people together in a half-hour it would take one social media post.

Yet, their work continues.

Left-wing extremists are back to their usual activities after the violent protest that took place at the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. on January 6.

According to reporters, these “anti-fascists” called the protest in Washington, D.C. an insurrection, and said that President Trump should be removed from office.

These ANTIFA activists are planning an event in Boston, Massachusetts to protest against the actions of a relatively small number of Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. during the joint session of Congress held to certify the Electoral College vote that gave Joe Biden his supposed victory.

A reporter for a local news outlet speaking about the planned event admitted something that conservatives already knew. “Many here marched for Black Lives Matter over the summer,” he said, referring to the people attending the event.

These activists travel the country attending demonstrations, which often turn violent and destructive, yet they have the audacity to condemn Trump supporters for one violent event.

This group of ANTIFA marched from Nubian Square to the State House calling for a need to stamp out so-called fascism and far right extremism.

Many of these left wing extremists are calling out the police in Washington, D.C. for their actions during the protest, saying that they would have treated the situation differently if it had been Black Lives Matter instead of Trump supporters.

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