One thing people have to understand about bikers, they are not the monsters that the media tries to make them out to be.

It seems that every single time I have had something go wrong when I was out on the road, it was a biker that helped me out.

I cannot count how many times in the pre cellphone days that a biker saved my bacon. They are simple people in the vein of that they just want to live their life and if you don’t try to interrupt that, they will leave you be as well.

A while back there were stories floating around that Antifa was going to, or had challenged the Hells Angels Biker Club to some sort of battle.  It turned out that the rumors were unfounded, but it gave a lot of us a chuckle thinking about what that would have looked like.

Ryan Fournier had a funny take on the hypothetical clash:

Well, apparently some ‘Teletubbies’ didn’t get the memo that messing with bikers was going to be horrifically terrible idea.  The Live Action Role Playing ‘fascism fighters,’ who are clearly not living in reality, failed to realize that trying to bully a gaggle of actual bad asses was going to … end badly for them.

In a serious case of irony, Antifa seemed to, once again, be forced to rely on the police for protection from their adversaries, in skirmishes they seem to have instigated.  The lack of self awareness is borderline absurd.

Jim Hoft’s publication went on to say:

‘The far left anti-police group needed police escort to escape the dangerous situation they created!

At one point a tall Antifa goon with purple hair kicked [a] bike and that’s when all hell broke loose.

The Sturgis bikers erupted and police took the purple haired goon.

The rest of Antifa had to get a police escort to get out of town.

So, what are the chances Antifa thanked the police for saving their lives[?]’

Here is one video of from Sturgis:

And here is another view of the Antifa incident.

Some people have questioned the videos, pointing out that the ones that have surfaced thus far are lacking sound, which I will admit is curious.

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