VIDEO: Idiot Antifa Punk Burns US Flag, Then A Biker For Trump Shows Up [VIDEO]

During a “free speech rally,” an Antifa protester tried to burn a small American flag with her(?) friends cheering her(?) on.

For those of you wondering about the question marks, you’ll see what I mean when you watch the video.

According to “Danny Doherty,” the YouTube user who published this video, the Antifa side was extremely violent during this encounter.

From the video description:

During the freedom of speech rally, a trump protester tried to set a small flag on fire, but it was taken by a free speech marcher was the fire was extinguished. They (antifa) tried to set it again but failed. Multiple fights broke out yesterday during the march and my iPhone was smashed by someone with antifas (she was arrested).

The video shows a “lady” who clearly has some sort of mustache/goatee thing going on setting the flag on fire. It was promptly grabbed by a biker for Trump, who extinguished the flames.

Watch the video below: [GRAPHIC LANGUAGE WARNING] [Also, annoying horn warning.]