Antifa SWARMS Afghan War Vet After Saying He Supports Trump

Antifa SWARM Afghan War Vet After Saying He Supports Trump

Boston rally turns into an out of control counter protest by the extremist group of liberals known as Antifa.

Boston rally Boston rally

A legal free speech rally was scheduled in Boston, but the speakers never made it to the stage thanks to the violent and overwhelming response from Antifa. This extreme activist group continues to defy the legality surrounding a protest. Peaceful protest away from the counter group is common, but Antifa and democrats continue to behave in an unruly and illegal manner.

This particular counter protest resulted in obscene and uncalled for behavior from the left which is evident with this footage of an elderly war veteran being harassed while attempting to conduct a media interview.

Via IJR:

Antifa decided to surround the entryway into the rally and confront attendees. At one point, an Afghan war veteran was taking questions from the media about the reason he was at the rally.

The veteran said, “I’m here to support President Trump.”

Antifa didn’t like that. In response, it decided to drown out the veteran in a profane chant, yelling “f**k off, Nazi scum”:

Nobody appeared to ask antifa members to stop insulting the veteran — not the media, nor any of the bystanders. Once again, people are having a hard time standing up to the individuals who create the real problems at rallies that are intended to be peaceful.

This despicable behavior continued throughout the counter protest until the entire event was cancelled and the crowd was forced away with police force.

Watch Here:

The Boston rally ended with multiple injuries and even more arrests thanks to the counter protest Antifa illegally held in response to a LEGAL gathering.


One week after violent protests rattled Charlottesville, Virginia, a scheduled free speech rally in Boston today was met with thousands of counterprotesters, but the day went off mostly smoothly, police said, with 33 arrests but few injuries.

The free speech rally was deemed “officially over” by police ahead of its official end time, but thousands of counterprotesters continued to spread out in the city throughout the afternoon, with some protesting peacefully but others confronting officers and people.