A group of anti-Trump activists were laying in the middle of a San Francisco street for a “die-in” protesting the GOP’s health care plans when a biker disrupted the demonstration.

Video of the incident shows the biker slowly approaching the protesters. The biker proceeded to rev his engine loudly and drive slowly through the “die-in” protesters, sparking a panic.

Police officers confronted the driver of the motorcycle before he could drive through the protest a second time. The suspect was arrested, but charges were not immediately determined, CBS San Francisco reported.

Police did not reveal the identity of the driver.

One of the organizers of the protest, Emily Lee, told the CBS affiliate that the biker was “definitely targeting us.”

“It was unclear if it was for political reasons or if he was just mentally unstable or what, but it was terrifying,” she added.

Watch the video of the incident above.

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11 Responses

  1. rhofff

    The biker was on the public road made for drivers, not for lying down and obstructing……why would law and order arrest HIM???? Smarten up people !!!

  2. walt jay

    They are laying in the middle of a road blocking vehicular traffic and the cyclist gets arrested for targeting while negotiating a path through the layer downers.The protesters pull a deadly stunt and are mad at the cyclist because he scared them???

    • Sandy

      Iknow… doesn’t make sense does it? like these guys don’t target the general public… if they didn’t, what the heck are they laying in the street for??????? morons… I have no sympathy for them.

  3. Roxann Reese

    The ones lying in the road were the ones who should have been arrested. They were breaking the law. More and more people should continue to plow right threw them. If they are having a die -in, then they may just get what they want. They should be removed everytime and everywhere they break the law and block roads.

  4. Gina

    The biker was right in what he was doing. The protestors should have been arrested for obstructing the traffic yet again. If they want to protest they have every right but not when its causing obstruction of others. That is what a peaceful demonstration is suppose to be about. This is crapola!!!!!!

  5. joe

    put this to music snowflakes, “Donald Trump doesn’t give a crap about your nonsense”!

  6. Dianne French

    They should be run over at everyone of these silly demonstrations. These people are just plain stupid!

  7. Maryann Schiller

    The driver did not target your group of protesters – you all deliberately and determinedly got and stood in the way.

  8. Pam

    Even more funny the police could not figure what to charge him with He did nothing wrong but they removed him Mama the world has gone crazy

  9. Az native

    The people in the streets are the criminals. This is not peaceful protests. Period. Get out of the streets.


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