Keisha Lance Bottoms, the White House’s senior advisor, and director of the Office of Public Engagement has stepped down from her post. Her departure follows an awkward moment when the former Atlanta mayor introduced Vice President Kamala Harris to a group of journalism students. President Biden has announced that Stephen Benjamin, the former Mayor of Columbia, South Carolina, will be taking her place. Biden thanked Bottoms for promoting “equity” during her tenure and acknowledged her contribution to connecting everyday Americans with the administration.

Bottoms tweeted that her time in the administration was not supposed to last a long time, and she gave up taking a summer off to accept her position in the White House. In a tweet, she explained that her term ended in January 2022, and she was planning to work hard for six months and relax over the summer. But the White House called again in June, and she agreed to stay just through the midterms in November.

“Mayor Bottoms understands that democracy is about making government work for working families, for the people who are the backbone of this country. She led the city of Atlanta with strength through the pandemic, through a summer of protests and pain, and through the mass shooting that left Atlanta’s Asian American community in fear. Keisha is bright, honorable, tough, and has the integrity required to represent our Administration to the American public. Jill and I have known Keisha for a long time and look forward to working with her more closely,” Biden said in June when he brought her on board.

Democratic strategist Joel Payne acknowledged that the departure came at an inopportune time, given the complex challenges that the administration is facing. However, he said that it is not abnormal to experience attrition at this point in an administration.

The Daily Caller reported in June that its reporters had contacted each of the 50 Democrat senators and asked them if they would support President Biden in 2024, and only five of them said yes. Earlier, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) did not commit to supporting Biden in 2024 during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” program. She said that if the president has a vision, it is something that they would all be willing to entertain and examine when the time comes.

Meanwhile, questions continue to surround the president regarding his plans for 2024 as more Republicans jump in to challenge him. With inflation, the Fed raising rates, the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, a baby formula shortage, and other issues, an anonymous staffer said at the time that they are simply burned out. The Daily Mail reported, “It’s been a long few years… The burnout is real. It might not be the ideal time to leave with everything going on, but it’s the right time.”

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