Another Major Entertainment Industry Icon Dead Days After Christmas..Suspect In Custody

Fans are horrified after the 3rd major Entertainment industry icon dies only a few days after Christmas. First, George Michael , then Princess this? Please send prayers as her family is suffering a horrific tragedy. Details here:

 VIA| Actress Tricia McCauley has been active in Washington, D.C.’s theater scene, and also appeared in the film “Step Up” back in 2006. Now, her family and friends have received some tragic news…

She’s been found dead in her car, which was stolen.

McCauley vanished on Christmas Day after friends reported to police that she didn’t show up to a holiday dinner. She was last seen in her home around 4:30 p.m. that day.

Then McCauley missed a scheduled flight on Monday leaving from Ronald Reagan National Airport, according to NBC Washington.

Police, as well as her friends and family, began a frantic search around the city for her car, which had gone missing as well.

Within hours, the police were able to identify the man whom they believe was seen driving the actress’ white Scion.

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