Hypocrisy – another term for Democrats.

Well, being a democrat has its perks, impose a law on the public but still violates it.

From Biden’s mask mandate that he can’t even follow. To Whitmer’s strict lockdowns where she flew to Florida to party, and now Ted Lieu acting like he is concerned about their PLANdemic.

Well, let’s just say that when a student is lazy to go to class, he or she will write a letter of excuse why the student cannot attend. That’s exactly what Ted Lieu did and boy it earned so much backlash.

A letter he wrote to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that was obtained by Red State:

“I am unable to physically attend proceeding in the House Chamber due to ongoing public health emergency, and I hereby grant the authority to cast my vote by proxy to the Honorable Don Beyer (VA), who has agreed to serve as my proxy.”

Wow, I am so amazed at how concerned he is about the pandemic until I have discovered how active his outdoor activities are.

Let’s just say he is concerned about public health safety but still manages to attend a football game maskless with his wife and brother in October, take a cruise to Bermuda with his entire family — including his elderly parents — in November, and vacation in Hawaii in December? I am so confused.

Watching them on the game seems like they aren’t concerned about the pandemic like he claimed to be concerned about. I just don’t get it.

Well, this may be another huge sign of hypocrisy that they persistently do.

He even posted a photo of him in Hawaii where he was maskless and enjoy his getaway while people are suffering from their mandates and during this time, the White House was busy warning Americans about Omicron and the winter of death and sickness.

Source: The GOP Times

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