In 2014, a police officer was killed by an illegal alien.

Now, that officer’s mother is coming forward to give her point of view after the recent murder of Newman, California, Police Cpl. Ronil Singh, who was allegedly killed by an illegal alien as well.

She told Fox News that top Democrats in Congress are “committing treasonous acts” when they refuse to approve money for our country’s border security measures, such as President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall.

Conservative Tribune reports:

Singh was shot and killed Wednesday, allegedly by an illegal immigrant with multiple DUIs and suspected gang ties, according to Fox News. Reports say that Singh was investigating the suspect, Gustavo Perez Arriaga, for another possible DUI. Police say the confrontation ended in a shootout that claimed the officer’s life.

Two others were taken into custody for trying to mislead investigators in order to protect Arriaga, Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson said, according to Fox.

On this past Saturday’s episode of “Fox & Friends Weekend,” Mary Ann Mendoza, the mother of the police officer who was murdered four years ago by an illegal alien who had a previous a criminal record, stated that Democrats are placing the rights of illegal aliens over the safety of our country’s own citizens. That simply isn’t right.

Take a look:

“Every politician in D.C. should be listening closely to the American people right now because we have woken up,” she explained on “Fox & Friends Weekend.” “We are tired of the lies that come out of their mouth.”

Mendoza explained that her “heart is just ripping apart” for the family that the fallen officer has left behind.

“Angel families are praying for them. We know exactly the struggle they’re dealing with today,” she said.

Mendoza also suggested a different way of dealing with Democrats who are obstructing border security; “Maybe the American people are gonna start bringing suits against them for the crimes they’re committing against Americans by not protecting us.”

Conservative Tribune writes:

Singh’s murder would be a politically charged case in any environment, but the killing comes amid a government shutdown in which the linchpin seems to be funding for the border wall.

The two sides remain fairly far apart. The Trump administration continues to insist on $5 billion in funding for the barrier; a recent counteroffer from the Democrats involved $1.3 billion in border security funding that wouldn’t be used for the wall. Democrat leadership — Schumer in particular — has made it clear that the wall is finished as far as they’re concerned. Congress isn’t back in session until the beginning of January, but one gets the feeling the impasse (and the partial shutdown) will last considerably longer than that.

Mendoza, meanwhile, has been a relatively constant presence in the media whenever subjects of illegal immigration come up. She has become a de facto spokeswoman for “Angel Families” — families who have lost a relative to violence or crime perpetrated by someone in this country illegally.

Mendoza’s son, Mesa, Arizona, police Officer Brandon Mendoza, was killed in May 2015 killed by Raul Silva Corona — who had a 0.238 blood alcohol level when he struck Mendoza’s vehicle, according to KTAR. Mendoza quickly became an unlikely champion of immigration enforcement — including earning herself an invite to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

“Unfortunately, we are members of a club of our children or loved ones who have been killed by illegal aliens. There are hundreds of thousands of victims every year who are affected by illegal alien crime — rape, assault, identity theft. These are things that go unreported, unchecked,” Mendoza stated during a White House event back in June.

She has also been vocal of her criticism of the way liberals slammed the Trump administration for “separating families” at the border, saying that “I would like to show everybody what real separation of families is. This is what separates my son and myself, is a coffin and six feet of dirt.”

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