Well, this isn’t surprising at all… After all the trouble he’s done…  for sure Chris Cuomo is in real trouble now.

Lindsey Boylan, a former Governor Cuomo aide who accused him of sexual harassment took to Twitter and dropped a bomb about Andrew’s brother Chris Cuomo.

On Saturday, Lindsey Boylan slammed CNN anchor Chris Cuomo,  ​for utilizing “absolutely all his power” to “smear” and “destroy” her and questioned whether it was as a result of he had additionally harassed and assaulted women.

Here’s what She wrote on Twitter,

“Chris Cuomo used all his power, absolutely all his power (@cnn), to smear & try to destroy me. (in ways you haven’t heard). Sad.”

Curious minds would ask: is it because he loves his brother or because he also harassed and assaulted women. I’m not curious. I already know.”

We’ve heard such rumors that Chris Cuomo has been accused of having “sexual misconducts” in his closet for a while now.

According to Fox News:

Following Boylan’s and other’s accusations, in May, Chris Cuomo was forced to address a stunning report from The Washington Post that revealed he participated in strategy sessions with Gov. Cuomo.

The “Cuomo Prime Time” host admitted it was a “mistake” to participate in the calls, and offered an apology to his CNN colleagues for putting them in a “bad spot.”

Cuomo also came under fire for chummy interviews with his older brother during the coronavirus outbreak, where the two would chide each other’s looks and bicker over their affection for their mother before the anchor gave the governor a platform to tout his leadership amid the pandemic.

Cuomo had previously been barred from covering the New York governor, a rule that was apparently lifted by the network at the beginning of the pandemic and later reimplemented as the Democrat became engulfed in a tsunami of political scandals.

Last year, Cuomo was also heard denying apparent sexual misconduct allegations on a secretly recorded audiotape amid a conversation with former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

In late February, Boylan alleged Gov. Cuomo had frequently made inappropriate comments to her, suggestively joking once that they should play strip poker. Following Boylan’s accusations, at least seven other women came forward and accused the governor of sexual harassment, including one unidentified aide who claimed he groped her underneath her blouse without consent while she was at the governor’s mansion last year.

Gov. Cuomo has apologized for making the women feel “uncomfortable,” but has denied any inappropriate touching.

Sources: WayneDupree, Thetruedefender, Foxnews

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