When I was a kid, there was a simulation game that I would play on the computer where you could alter the percentages of a particular action happening and in turn, the characters in the game would do things at a much higher rate.

If you made it colder outside they would turn their heat up more often and things like that. This is what is happening when you are dealing with these Dominion machines. They are so easy to manipulate that it isn’t even funny.

All you have to do is take a look at what is going on with the election and realize that it can be rigged about as easily as someone adjusting settings on a computer game.

Ben Turner, a man who’s made a living developing fraud detection algorithms has discovered a suspicious phenomenon. In counties where Dominion Voting machines are used Biden outperforms Hillary by 2 to 3% but in counties where it is not used, there is no difference or he underperforms Hillary. Coincidence? Maybe, but I have my doubts.

Turner is a Republican, but he had dismissed voter fraud charges. He thought it was just political posturing but as he examined results, he has changed his tune and now says that the Dominion Voting machines should be forensically audited. It could be that when programming the machines, they thought 2 to3% would be enough to guaranty Biden a win, but it wasn’t.

Turner used to be the chief actuary at Texas Mutual Workers’ Compensation Insurance. He now runs a company called Fraud Spotters, a consultancy specializing in detecting insurance fraud. The Epoch Times reran Turner’s numbers and they came up with the same conclusion that Turner had found.

Dominion has not responded to inquiries from the Epoch Times. Dominion has long been criticized for the many vulnerabilities in its program. It has previously denied that their program can be used to switch votes, but with what we have seen so far this year, that seems to be a lie.

From The Epoch Times:

Turner reached his conclusion despite being initially incredulous about claims that the Dominion machines affected the election outcome.

While a Republican himself, virtually all of his colleagues and peers are Democrats, he said in a phone call. The outrageousness of the election fraud allegations made him question whether he was on the “wrong team,” he said.

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