The devastating effects of the mass illegal immigration being incentivized by the Biden administration are having a pervasive impact on communities in Arizona. Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, testifying before the House Committee on Homeland Security on Tuesday, placed the blame on President Joe Biden, for the surge in illegal immigration that fuels human and drug trafficking by violent cartels. The Sheriff noted that illegal aliens are being abused, raped, and enslaved by the cartels, due to policies that the government has encouraged.

Sheriff Lamb also testified that the rampant littering and property destruction are only part of the dangers that unfettered illegal immigration brings. The migrants themselves are often brutally victimized during their dangerous journey. He described cases of women who are tricked and trapped into coming here by these cartels because of our policies and are being raped multiple times. This is why Sheriff Lamb believes that “Have we lost our moral compass so bad that we put politics in front of people?”

The Sheriff also emphasized that the terrifying border crisis the Biden administration is encouraging has a wide-ranging ripple effect on the entire nation.

“What we miss, unfortunately, has a ripple effect on the rest of the country. These things were not designed to stay in my county,” Lamb said in a prepared statement. “They only pass through on their way into North Carolina, New York, Alabama, and every other state in this country. What is in my backyard today will be in all of your front yards tomorrow.”

Dr. Robert Trenschel, the CEO of the Yuma Regional Medical Center, testified about how the surge of illegal immigrants hampers the hospital’s ability to care for local residents. The hospital is being barraged by illegal immigrants suffering from a variety of health problems, including numerous pregnant women who require urgent care. Providing this mass scale of treatment is prohibitively expensive and interferes with the hospital’s capacity to care for the local residents for whom the medical center was constructed.

“Let me assure you – it is not an approximation,” Trenschel said. “That number comes from a detailed review of unpaid patient bills directly attributed to migrant patients. $26 million in uncompensated care is not a sustainable business model … No business or service can survive ongoing large-scale expense without any offsetting revenue.”

The surge of illegal immigrants in Arizona has also brought about health hazards. The Department of Health-Charlotte is continuing to investigate how a man died after contracting a brain-eating infection from tap water. The man, who has not been named, used tap water for a sinus rinse, which caused him to become infected with a rare amoeba called Naegleria fowleri that can cause a brain infection called amebic meningoencephalitis.

This amoeba, which kills 97% of the people it infects, can only be contracted through water in the nose and normally lives in warm bodies of water. Stomach acid is strong enough to kill the amoeba; therefore, the nose is the only path the amoeba can take that will prove fatal. The Department of Health-Charlotte is working with healthcare facilities to monitor any indications of additional infections.

The Biden administration’s border policies have made every American town a border town, as Sheriff Lamb explains. This dangerous situation is due to a lack of policies or weak border security that is actually bringing people to the doorsteps of the cartels to be enslaved and taken advantage of. The surge of illegal immigrants is also causing financial and health problems, which are affecting the entire country.

Biden is accelerating the collapse of the United States by undermining national security and public safety with his destructive immigration policies. Immediate action needs to be taken to stem this crisis.

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Source: WesternJournal


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