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While Obama works hard to look for lists of his accomplishments..it’s really more difficult than he thought. A lot of the things on this list have been disproven, leaving Obama with -0 accomplishments in the last 8 years. Despite the 156,000 jobs added to the United States economy in December,the amount of people in the workforce has rapidly decreased…we’re talking almost 5%. But why?

VIA| The national unemployment rate in December ticked upward to 4.7 percent, although the United States economy added 156,000 jobs, according to statistics released by the Labor Department.

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 8.48.53 AM

The labor force participation rate rose to 62.7 percent in December, up from 62.6 in November.

A total of 95,102,000 Americans are not in the work force, up only 18 since November.

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