Elderly Woman With American Flag Bloodied By Violent Protesters

Elderly Woman With American Flag Bloodied By Violent Protesters

Over tens of thousands of people have gathered for a dueling protest in Boston.  

The large “Peaceful Free Speech Rally” on Saturday attracted over 40,000 counter-protesters who demonstrated their violent attitudes and put a large group of people in danger.   

Police have been working hard to keep the city out of danger, and have had to ask many folks protesting to stop tossing urine, sharp objects, and rocks at officers and other people during the rally.

American Flag

Police were serious about having zero tolerance for violence, but the exact opposite happened as a woman gets dragged across the floor.   

However, this woman has more courage in her little finger, than the entire crowd of scum bags attacking her. 

According to ijr:

Thousands of people showed up in Boston to reportedly protest white supremacy and Nazis on Saturday.

But the peaceful event has already turned violent. An unidentified elderly woman was standing amid the protest, holding an American flag.

Then, a protester, who seemed like he was just going to walk past the woman, grabbed her flag and dragged her along with him.

She eventually fell to the ground, and nobody protesting came to help her. However, she got up and ran toward the crowd that neglected the clear assault caught on camera, which appears to be a small group of antifa protesters.

Cooler heads seemed to prevail, as the woman was moved out of the area by what is probably her husband, family member, or friend.

So much for a “peaceful” demonstration.