ALERT: This Is How Many People Have DIED Under Biden’s Bogus Regime!

When you take on a responsibility, there is only so long that you can blame the people that came before you for the bad things that happen to you.

I remember when I worked at a job once there was a guy that had taken over as a shift foreman that would always blame the things that the previous guy in charge had set up as policy.

Finally, after about six months I heard his boss yelling at him about how he needed to shut his mouth and that guy wasn’t making policy anymore, he was and that he needed to take responsibility for what was going on in his department. Biden, whether we like it or not, is President now. That means that he needs to start taking responsibility for the good, and especially the bad.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the Democrats have been bashing President Trump and claiming he was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans. They claimed it was worse than the attacks on 9/11! Worse than the Vietnam War! But now that Biden is behind the big desk, the Dems only have excuses.

The CDC website claims there has been more than 20,000 COVID deaths in the last seven days alone. Surely this is Biden’s fault right? After all, he claimed Trump was responsible while in office. Biden said he would “follow the science” to bring the pandemic to an end. Now the Biden administration keeps moving the goal posts.

Politicians and political commentators bashed President Biden for saying “we didn’t have” the COVID-19 vaccine when he came into office.

Biden made the ridiculous claim during a CNN town hall with host Anderson Cooper. He had said earlier in the town hall that there were “50 million doses that were available” when he took office, in response to a question about his administration’s vaccine rollout.

“It’s one thing about the vaccine – which we didn’t have when we came into office – but a vaccinator, you need the needle, you need the mechanisms to be able to get it in,” the president said. “Now, we have made significant strides increasing the number of vaccinators.”