On Friday, disgraced Uvalde police chief Pete Arredondo resigns from the city council weeks after being sworn in.

Less than two months ago, everything seemed to be looking up for Pete Arredondo. He had climbed through the ranks of the Uvalde Schools Police Department to become Chief of Police. Then, on May 7th, he won a seat on the City Council. Local news outlets speculated that he might have his eye on the Mayor’s office.

Then on May 24th, the slaughter at the school took place.

The tragic shooting at Robb Elementary School on May 24 received nationwide attention, and Arredondo is the center of scrutiny of the police response, which led to 19 students and three teachers being killed.

According to multiple reports, the shooter, Salvador Ramos, spent more than 40 minutes inside as loved ones and onlookers begged the police to charge into the building.

Police arrived 4 minutes after the shooting began, but Ramos continued on with his killing spree virtually uninterrupted.

Uvalde police have so far not cooperated with the Texas Department of Public Safety which is conducting an investigation into the police response to the shooting.

More details of this report from The Post Millenial:

Uvalde School Police Chief Arredondo has officially resigned from his position on the Uvalde, Texas City Council this afternoon saying, “After much consideration, I regret to inform those who voted for me that I have decided to step down as a member of the city council for District 3.”

Arredondo was elected to Uvalde City Council on May 7th, 2022 just days before the massacre at Robb Elementary School in which gunman Salvador Ramos killed 19 children and two teachers.

“The mayor, the city council, and the city staff must continue to move forward without distractions. I feel this is the best decision for Uvalde,” Arredondo said.

Arredondo steps down from his city council role while being on administrative leave as Uvalde School District Police Chief”

Some have said that Arredondo’s resignation is not enough.  Journalist Jack Posobiec said that he should face jail time for letting the school shooting happen under his watch.

Others called for him to be criminally tried as well, saying that his police preventing parents from going in to the school to save their children as police stood by was wrong.

Last Tuesday, Texas of Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw admitted that the Uvalde Police and on-scene officers *NEVER* touched the door to see if it was locked UNTIL they breached!!

“We can never see anybody put their hand on the door of course up until the breached.”

Sources: 100percentfedup, The Post Millenial

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