It’s about time we discussed the latest stunt pulled by the Russian military, endangering not only our expensive military assets but also the delicate balance of international relations.

The Pentagon, in its transparency, released footage of a Russian fighter jet crashing into one of our prized MQ-9 Reaper drones right over the Black Sea. This happened just after the Russians brazenly claimed that the drone had crashed on its own due to “sharp maneuvering.” The audacity of such a claim!

Our boys in uniform were merely flying a $32 million surveillance drone in international airspace when out of nowhere, an Su-27 Russian fighter jet appeared. The Russian jet took it upon itself to dump fuel over the drone and clip its propeller, sending our valuable asset plummeting into the Black Sea.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Russian forces hurriedly rushed to the crash site, and by Wednesday, their ships were already on the scene trying to recover debris. Thankfully, the Pentagon reassured us that they wouldn’t be able to retrieve any parts or intelligence.

The Russian defense ministry, in a blatant attempt to save face, denied any wrongdoing. They said, “Russian fighters did not use airborne weapons and did not come into contact with the American drone.” Then they went on to add, “Due to sharp maneuvering, the American drone went into uncontrolled flight and a loss of altitude and collided with the water surface.” What a pack of lies!

Nikolai Patrushev, Russian security council secretary, even had the gall to claim on state television that the drone’s presence in the Black Sea confirmed US involvement in the war. But the newly released footage tells the real story, showing the Russian jet flying “in the vicinity” of our drone for about 30 to 40 minutes before approaching it from behind and dumping fuel on it – a tactic typically reserved for emergency situations. The truth is clear.

We can’t let this attack go unnoticed or unpunished. The Pentagon has rightfully condemned it, with State Department spokesman Ned Price calling it a “brazen violation of international law.” White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby also didn’t mince words, calling Russia’s actions “reckless and dangerous.”

We must stand strong against these provocations. Kirby insisted that this would not “deter or dissuade” our forces from operating in international airspace.

He said, “If the message is that they want to deter or dissuade us from flying and operating in international airspace over the Black Sea, then that message will fail.” He continued, “We’re going to continue to fly and operate in international airspace over international waters. The Black Sea belongs to no one nation.”

The blatant aggression by Russia must be met with resolve and determination. We cannot allow them to think that they can control the skies with their bullying tactics. The United States will always stand for freedom, democracy, and the right to operate in international waters and airspace.

WATCH the video below for more details:

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