No matter what side of the fence that you are on politically, you have to admit that Trey Gowdy is one of the most honest people in the United States.

Perhaps that is the reason that the mainstream media is so scared of him.

Yesterday, Democrats spent a large part of their day mocking President Trump on social media after it was erroneously reported that former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) rejected the offer to join Trump’s legal team.

As usual—they were wrong.

The former pitbull of Congress has agreed to make a return to D.C, to defend President Trump against efforts by unhinged Democrat lawmakers to impeach him. This time, however, Gowdy doesn’t have to worry about reaching across the aisle.

The formerly conservative-leaning Fox News wasted no time in firing their new political contributor, Trey Gowdy. The popular former Congressman was a big hire for the network.

On Wednesday, a Fox News spokesperson sent a statement to The Hollywood Reporter that read, “Trey Gowdy has been terminated and is no longer a contributor.”

As Gowdy joins President Trump’s team as an outside legal counsel, the network is separating from him.

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