Shocking footage reveals that poll pads in Dallas were caught adding hundreds of voters in real-time as the poll was being closed.

Well, this video seems to confirm many of the things we knew but couldn’t prove. Critics are asking for proof, well, here’s the proof…

According to our friends from The Gateway Pundit (TGP),  poll workers in Dallas, Texas caught in a shocking video that the number of checked-in voters on their poll pads jumped higher and higher right before polls closed.

Based on the reliable source present when the shocking incident took place, this is happening county-wide in Dallas County, TGP’s insider revealed.

To give you an idea of how Poll Pads work, they are used to check in voters and are the electronic version of the paper “voter roll”, which also keeps a running tally of the number of voters who have been “checked in” on that particular device.


More details of this exclusive report from TGP:

As you can see in the shorter of the videos, the poll pad in the screen jumps from 1,080 voters to 1,139 to 1,191 and finally to 1,259.  No one or nothing is touching the poll pad as it is doing this.  The poll pad displays “Poll Closed” to the left of the count.  For full screen video, visit or click here and here. Be sure to turn the Quality up to 720 so you can read the numbers in real time.

In the other full length, you can hear other poll workers in the background talking about their poll pads jumping by exorbitant numbers as well.

The group claims that they have been working with poll watchers and workers in another state with evidence of the same phenomenon occurring in several counties.  The poll pad voter check-in numbers suddenly jumped right before the polls closed.

The Gateway Pundit will be exclusively covering this story and case as it progresses.

You can donate to the Election Oversight Group here as they take immediate legal action to remedy these issues.

You can see their findings here

Watch the video below:

Source: TheGatewayPundit

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