With the worry about the coronavirus in full swing, while the governments of the world try to figure out a solution to this problem that doesn’t involve digging mass graves or something like that, we all have to try to be careful.

As much as a terrible inconvenience it might be to limit the circle of people around us, its a good idea to limit contact with folks as much as possible.

The problem is, what happens when you have leaders or representatives of our government or other governments that need to meet with each other to discuss the business of the world?

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has tested positive for the Covid-19 coronavirus, a Brazilian paper is claiming citing sources in presidential palace. All eyes are now on US President Donald Trump, who met Bolsonaro on Saturday.

It just goes to show that every precaution must be taken. We live in a world where the leaders of governments can meet with each other through many different means other than in person. We have continuity of government protocols in place, we just don’t ever want to have to use them.

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