It seems that for a conspiracy to work well, there needs to be a million different layers for it to work.

For example, a conspiracy that would be considered totally innocent would be the idea of giving someone a Christmas present

All conspiracy theories are not created equal. The now-debunked Trump/Russia conspiracy is still widely available on Twitter, Facebook and Google. But for years, the theory that Seth Rich stole the DNC emails and sent them to Wikileaks is lambasted as an unabashed conspiracy theory.

That is because for the longest time the FBI swore they had no evidence.

In fact, members of the FBI swore under oath before Congress that the FBI had no records pertaining to the death of Seth Rich.

They also claimed they never had his laptop computer. But, now they admit they still have his laptop and 20,000 pages of documents. That’s a lot of documents for an alleged conspiracy theory. And four years later they still have his laptop.

If they really had nothing, they would have been obligated to turn over the laptop to Rich’s family. Since they have not done so, they consider the laptop to be evidence. Of what? They won’t tell us. But obviously, there is a reason.

Before leaving his role as the DNI chief, John Ratcliffe should release those documents.

Ratting on your fellow Democrats is the most dangerous job in America since defending the Alamo. What is the FBI hiding? They are running out the clock in hopes that Joe Biden gets elected as president. The laptop will be accidentally erased and the 20,000 pages will be lost in a trashcan fire. The story will then be completely dead.

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