Oh boy, things are really heating up between the United States and Russia! Just the other day, a Russian fighter jet and an American drone had a bit of a tango in the skies over the Black Sea.

Fox News tells us that one of those Russian Su-27 jets got a bit too cozy with the American drone and ended up giving its propeller a nice big kiss. The poor drone, battered and bruised, had to take a swim in the Black Sea, while the Russian jet, after the mishap, flew off to Crimea like nothing happened. Talk about a hit and run! We don’t know how the Su-27 is doing, though.

But wait, there’s more! CNN heard from a US official who spilled the tea. Allegedly, the Russian jet pulled some movie stunt, flying right in front of the drone and dumping fuel on it before smooching the propeller. Our very own Air Force Gen. James B. Hecker called this whole fiasco “unsafe and unprofessional.” He even threw some shade, saying it showed incompetence.

Now, speaking of drama, Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has been getting all chatty about the Ukraine-Russia war. He’s been getting pats on the back from conservatives for his two cents. When Tucker Carlson of Fox News, former President Trump, and some other Republican presidential candidates sent out a questionnaire, DeSantis didn’t hold back.

He went after President Biden’s support for Ukraine, saying that the conflict isn’t really our problem. DeSantis was all about listing our priorities: securing our borders, getting our military in shape, gaining energy independence, and keeping China in check. He thinks getting wrapped up in this Ukraine-Russia business just takes our eye off the ball.

DeSantis also called out Biden, accusing him of pushing Russia and China together like some twisted matchmaker, making Putin’s war machine stronger at our expense. DeSantis wants the American people to know where their tax dollars are going, and he believes that playing the hero in a foreign war shouldn’t come before defending our homeland.

It’s no surprise that Twitter users cheered on DeSantis for his fiery words, and former President Trump echoed similar sentiments. Trump said our goal is to “help and secure Europe, but Europe isn’t helping itself.” He thinks European allies need to cough up some dough and share the bill. And let’s not forget how he called the whole thing “very unfair” when Europe takes advantage of the US on trade and other matters.

So, Tucker Carlson asked the big question: “What specifically is our objective in Ukraine, and how will we know when we’ve achieved it?” Trump chimed in, saying we’re there to help and secure Europe, but Europe’s gotta do its part too. He urged both sides to strike a deal and put an end to the death and destruction.

Now, with this recent crash between the Russian jet and the American drone, we can see tensions are sky-high between the US and Russia. DeSantis and Trump think the US should be focusing on itself and not getting dragged into the Ukraine-Russia war.


Sources: ConservativeBrief, FoxNews, CNN, NYpost

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