Whining NFL players have now jeopardized their chances of even make it to the 2018 Super Bowl in Minnesota, MN as airport commissioner refuses to allow them entry upon weather delays.

Super Bowl


Patriotic Americans are feed up with watching NFL players who make millions of dollars playing an American sport use their platform to disgrace that very same country by kneeling in protest during the national anthem. While protesting is an American right, to do so while receiving a paycheck and upsetting the fans that make you who you are is wrong. As discussions of Super Bowl 2018 come into play one subject centers around the possible weather problems associated with playing in Minnesota in February.

The possibility of weather delays or rerouted planes is high and there for a game plan for the Super Bowl is to be put in place. Unfortunately for the NFL not all Airports within the appropriate distance to be rerouted are willing to accept the job of going above and beyond when these players aren’t willing to do the same.

Via Fox News:

Brainerd Lakes Regional airport was meeting to discuss the increased Super Bowl air travel expected into and out of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

With the increased air traffic, a plan was needed for if flights had to be rerouted for inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Brainerd Lakes Regional airport was listed as one of the nearby airports that could receive the redirected planes.

At the meeting, commission member Jeff Czeczok made a motion to protest these flights that may come into Brainerd until the NFL enforces its rule requiring players to stand during the national anthem before games.

Nearly all commission members agreed with Czeczok’s statements, but the motion failed for lack of a second, the Duluth News Tribune reports.

If NFL players refuse to stand, then we should be allowed to refuse them service by protesting at our jobs as well, Right?

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