US Air Force Steps onto Field to Give NFL Player Most Important Gift Imaginable

Colin Kaepernick’s name has been uttered more than that of many other NFL player s in recent weeks as he has morphed into some kind of “leader.”

NFL Player

But, NFL players have reached the point and are asking the question:

When can each NFL player stop kneeling?

As American athletes and citizens, we need to show what true courage is.

Courage is not someone who kneels or raises their fist for a BLM movement during our National Anthem..

Courage is STRONG Americans who are brave enough to provide a positive image of a true leader and believer in a nation that has respect in what our flag stands for.

According to conservativetribune:

While several NFL players continue to protest during the national anthem prior to preseason games, one NFL player embodies why everyone should show respect to our flag.

Rishard Matthews grew up playing sports while his brother, Christopher Ruiz, focused on ROTC programs and eventually joined the Marines.

According to, Ruiz died in 2015 after more than 10 years of service in the Marines as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He died just three weeks before he was scheduled to come home.

“When he left, you just thought he was always coming back,” Mathews said. “My whole family, we all thought he would be coming back. And then you get that call that he’s not coming back.”

Ruiz left behind his wife and three kids, and Matthews promised to do everything he can to ensure his brother’s family is taken care of and supported.

“In my eyes, they make so many movies on people who are heroes,” Matthews said. “And there are people out there fighting for our freedom. There’s a lot of people who are gone and didn’t come back, and unfortunately (Christopher) is one of them. He is our family’s hero.”

Although the Titans lost their preseason game Sunday to the Chicago Bears, Matthews got a big surprise when he met with Master Sgt. Trey Clark just before the game.

Clark presented him with an American flag that was flown in Afghanistan during the war and with a plaque honoring his brother.

Visibly moved, Matthews thanked Clark for the gift and took a few deep breaths to gather himself. The gravity of the situation was powerful and offered a reminder about what really matters in life.

This is what courage looks like, not someone who takes a knee or raises their fist in the air for Black Lives Matter during our national anthem.

The media should glorify strong Americans who love their country like Matthews and Ruiz, who offer a positive image of American leadership and love of country.

We offer our thoughts and prayers to the family of Chris Ruiz who gave his life so we can enjoy our God-given freedoms.

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