Agents Make Big Time Voter Fraud Raid! Hard Drives Found!

The amazing thing about a computer’s hard drive is that while some people think that you can simply hit a delete button and get rid of anything on a hard drive it is actually a lot harder than that to REALLY delete something.

My brother repaired computers most of his life and he talked me through what you actually have to do to really delete something to the point where it can never be recovered and you damn near have to set the thing on fire.

Added to that, there are people whose entire job it is to find stuff that has already been deleted.

Federal officials raided a house on Nov 5th of a man suspected of stealing voter information. They removed 8 hard drives, 3 computers and a bag of USB sticks. Oddly enough this was done in Maricopa County, Arizona where it is suspected that they cheated in order to hand the election to Joe Biden. Coincidence or no?

The house belongs to 56-year-old Elliot Kerwin. The agents were looking for evidence of a cyberattack on an unnamed organization and stolen voter data.

AZ Central has more.

According to the warrant, investigators were looking for records, information and communications related to the office’s:
  • Login credentials and accounts.
  • Voter registration records and information, including protected voters’ information.
  • The transfer, sharing or dissemination of voter registration records and information, including protected voters’ information.
  • Unauthorized access to the office’s website and computer systems.
  • Attempts or threats to damage computer systems.

A friend asked me if I found the raid suspicious. Well, anytime federal agents raid any home that would certainly raise suspicions in anybody but the dead. The dead are not swift to begin with but they are the base of the Democratic party.

But that is not suspicious. Like many I assume that anyone without brain functions would be tailor made for the Democrats.

But the question remains is why was voter information stolen and what were they doing with it? Is it tied to cheating in the Arizona presidential election. And if it is, exactly who took the evidence into custody. If it is the FBI, it will get lost, stolen or accidentally erased.

They will cover it up so fast your head will spin. Then Bill Barr will name John Podesta and Jim Acosta as special counsels to investigate it.

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