Homelessness across the world has skyrocketed. The crisis will require years of hard work and significant intervention to address it fully. Rather than feeling disturbed about the subject matter, French Celebrity Barber – David Kodat is doing his part to help by providing free haircuts to those in need.

Kodat shared a transformation video of a homeless man receiving a dramatic makeover to his TikTok account.

Kodat regularly shares makeover videos on his TikTok, but in a recent video, a homeless man’s transformation makes him unrecognizable and so much younger.

Kodat, whose name is @davidkodatofficial on TikTok, has recently been applauded for giving a homeless man an incredible haircut and beard trim for free. Internet users admit the homeless man looks handsome yet unrecognizable.

Internet users admit the homeless man looks handsome yet unrecognizable

The video shows the homeless man’s “before” look, which features a long white beard that reaches his chest and long grey hair matted in some areas.

The camera then shows all of the cut-off hair on the floor before showing a 360 of the man’s new neat and stylish haircut. The caption of the video reads:

“Haïr transformation ?.”

The homeless man looks totally unrecognizable as his long hair is now cut short into a smart hairstyle, and his long white beard has been trimmed into a neat shape.

TikTok users were amazed by the man’s dramatic change, leaving comments such as,“He is too beautiful, how he has changed,” and, “The hair and the beard change everything.”

“We already saw goodness in his eyes,” wrote another user, referring to the sparkle in the homeless man’s eyes. “But there [afterward] it is even more blatant.”

According to Kodat, the smile is the most important part.

“It’s truly enough to give a little happiness to someone,” he wrote on Instagram in May. “A little haircut, some words here and there, and finally, a little smile. A good moment for them so they know they are not forgotten.”

Watch the viral TikTok video below:

@davidkodatofficial Haïr transformation ? #fyp #pour #SingapoReimagine #foryoupage #hairtransformation #barber #fypchallenge #tiktok #homeless #satisfying ♬ Moulaga – Heuss L’enfoiré

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