You have to wonder how some people can manage to fail up throughout their entire lives.

Ilhan Omar is one of those people. Through sheer force of racism, she has managed to rise in the liberal ranks to the position that she is at today.

The problem is in the idea that with some of the things that she has said. You would think someone that has said as many openly racist things that she has said would have been “cancelled” by liberals by now.

Former White House chief speechwriter Marc Thiessen blasted House Democrats for Rep. Ilhan Omar’s promotion to a foreign affairs committee leadership position, calling it “absolutely appalling.”

Thiessen, a Fox News contributor and a columnist at the Washington Post, made the comment on “America’s Newsroom” on Monday, calling the Congresswoman from Minnesota a “virulent anti-Semite” before pointing to several of her past statements.

Omar, 38, now in her second term in Congress after initially being elected in 2018 and then reelected last year, is a native of Somalia who emigrated to the U.S. with her family as a teenager.

On Thursday, Omar’s office confirmed she was named Vice Chair of the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, and Global Human Rights, which “has jurisdiction over disaster assistance; upholding and protecting human rights; and oversight of international health issues, maternal health and child survival, the American Red Cross, the Peace Corps, and regional lending institutions.”

In a statement, Omar, who previously served as a member on the subcommittee during the 116th Congress, said, “Upholding basic human rights around the world is a core priority for me and the Fifth District of Minnesota.”
“When we prioritize endless war and conflict over protecting and investing in our communities here at home, we all suffer,” she continued. “As someone who represents a large African diaspora community and the first African-born immigrant to serve in Congress, I am particularly excited to play a leadership role in overseeing our international aid and foreign policy on the continent.”

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