A contestant on the reality TV show “Bachelorette,”  Ashley Rosenbaum is a busy bee when it comes to social media. She’s always trying to stay engaged and connected with her fans. Despite being in the spotlight for nearly a decade, Ashley is still very much a celebrity and uses social media to cultivate her personal brand. One unique aspect of Ashley’s celebrity status is that she met and fell in love with her husband, JP Rosenbaum, on the show and they have two children together.

As a mother of two, Ashley is up-to-date with all the latest social media trends and has shifted her personal brand to focus on motherhood, beauty, and personality tips. With 300,000 followers on Instagram, there are countless people who want to keep up with Ashley’s life.

However, with so many comments flooding in every time she posts, it can be hard to keep track of them all. But, one particular comment proved to be incredibly useful when it came to her youngest child, daughter Essex.

The commenter who was monitoring Ashley’s posts noticed that there was something wrong with Essex and quickly informed the mother of two. This commenter helped Ashley confirm the diagnosis that her daughter was stricken with torticollis, a condition that causes a twisted neck.

At the time, Ashley was sharing images of her little baby on her personal social media pages, gaining even more followers, especially those interested in following hot moms on Instagram. Initially, Ashley ignored the comment, as she was not willing to take unsolicited medical advice. But the comment stuck with her, and after some research, she realized it spoke to her daughter’s struggles most precisely.

Ashley and her husband, JP Rosenbaum, share two children, four-year-old Fordham, and two-year-old Essex, after falling in love on the reality show and getting married in 2012. The couple enjoys living in the public eye, sharing their most intimate family moments on social media. However, with this fame comes countless comments, including many about their little girl, Essex. One particular comment claiming that Essex was stricken with a medical condition was eating at Ashley’s sense of peace.

After realizing that the comment was valid, Ashley immediately took her daughter to a doctor and got the necessary treatment. The person who wrote the comment had gone through the same experience with their son, and Ashley was grateful for the timely advice that helped her daughter’s health.

Social media played a vital role in Ashley’s life, and if it weren’t for the commenter on her post, her daughter Essex may not have been as healthy as she is today. It’s a reminder that even with all the chaos of the internet, social media can still be a force for good.

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