A Thug Shot A Cop Six Times, And His Family Is Suing The Police Officer…

In a shocking and controversial turn of events, lawyers representing the suspect who shot and severely injured a Casper, Wyoming police officer in a firefight last year are now filing a lawsuit against the city, the police department, and the officers involved for $500,000 in damages.

The suspect was killed during the exchange, and now the attorneys are demanding retribution for their client, claiming that his injuries and death were caused by the officers’ “unlawful and unwarranted acts, lack of training, and deviation from official customs or policies of law enforcement agencies at large.”

This situation raises questions about the priorities of those who seek to hold law enforcement accountable, even when they are directly engaged in violent confrontations with criminals. The lawsuit asserts that the suspect, David Wolosin, was within his Second Amendment rights to carry a firearm and use it in self-defense. Additionally, it claims that the police violated his constitutional rights, including protections against unwarranted searches and seizures, as well as his right to due process.

The audacity of this lawsuit has sparked outrage among many who argue that it is absurd to demand compensation for a suspect who injured a police officer in a dangerous shootout. Casper City Attorney John Henley expressed his shock and disappointment that such a lawsuit would even be filed in his home state of Wyoming.

The incident in question occurred in May 2018, when police received a call reporting that Wolosin was allowing minors to operate a moving vehicle. Officers Jacob Carlson and Randi Garrett arrived at the scene, and as they approached Wolosin’s vehicle, a confrontation ensued. Wolosin reportedly asked the officers to give him space and then proceeded to pull out a firearm and shoot at Officer Carlson.

In response, Officer Garrett engaged Wolosin in a firefight, ultimately resulting in Wolosin’s death. Meanwhile, Officer Carlson suffered life-threatening injuries and spent a month recovering at the Wyoming Medical Center. Following an investigation, both officers were cleared of any wrongdoing in Wolosin’s death.

This lawsuit seems to be yet another attempt by certain factions to undermine the integrity of law enforcement, even when officers are forced to defend themselves and their communities from violent criminals.

It is crucial for our society to recognize the importance of supporting the police, who put their lives on the line to protect and serve us daily. Seeking monetary compensation for the actions of a suspect who engaged in a dangerous shootout with officers is not only disrespectful to the officers involved but also sets a dangerous precedent for future encounters between law enforcement and criminals.

Instead of allowing such lawsuits to proceed, we must stand behind our police officers and acknowledge the sacrifices they make to keep our communities safe. We cannot allow a narrative that vilifies the very people who risk their lives to defend our rights and freedoms to prevail. It’s time to put an end to this misguided attempt at holding law enforcement accountable for protecting themselves and the public from violent individuals.

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Source: AWM