Well, here we go again – public schools are turning into factories churning out little left-wing minions, regardless of how young the kids are. Can you believe it? Parents in Alabama were straight-up fuming when they found out that a teacher decided to sneakily hand out a survey to middle school students, asking them about their gender identity and, get this, their parents’ political views.

Even though Huntsville City Schools got wind of the situation, some parents reckon the district’s response just didn’t cut it.

So, picture this: kids attending a civics class at Challenger Middle School had to fill out a 48-question survey, which dared to ask if they saw themselves as cisgender, transgender, or nonbinary. And as if that wasn’t enough, it also asked if they’d be down for “extreme body modification.”

Parents are livid, saying they never got the heads up about this sketchy survey or what kind of questions were in it.

One anonymous parent told WAAY-TV, “The very last question was, ‘Are your parents liberal or progressive in their political thought?’ and the only answer was ‘yes,’ ‘no’ or ‘neutral,’ which I feel is very inappropriate to ask a child, and it only asked for liberals, and it is definitely targeting conservative parents.”

This parent was genuinely worried for their kid, scared that they might end up being singled out and bullied, especially if the teacher’s just trying to shove some leftist agenda down their throats.

Once they found out about the whole debacle, parents hopped onto social media to join forces, share their stories, and give other parents the lowdown. Some parents admitted their kids never told them about the questionnaire, and one even said their child only filled it out because they were scared they’d flunk the class if they didn’t.

The school’s principal sent an apology email to parents, saying that neither the school nor the district gave the green light for those questions. In the email, the principal wrote, “At the end of the survey, some students received optional demographic questions that were not appropriate for school use.”

Apparently, the teacher said it was all for a career lesson and some third-party vendor had provided the survey. But, since then, it’s been yanked from the school’s online portal.

The school district spokesperson didn’t want to spill the beans since it’s a personnel matter, so nobody knows if the teacher’s going to get any heat for this.

City school board member Andrea Alvarez told 1819 News, “It was a mistake made by a new teacher and handled within 1 hour of the Superintendent being notified.” She went on, “Unfortunately, the parent decided that social media needed to find out before the school.”

Alvarez made it clear that protecting the kids is the number one priority when stuff like this goes down, saying, “The most important thing to do when something like this happens is to prevent further damage to our children. When you don’t immediately alert the school you increase the risk of more children possibly being introduced to something they shouldn’t be.”

This whole mess is just another reminder that our education system is getting hijacked by the progressive agenda. Public schools are now all about pushing a leftist narrative, kicking conservative values to the curb. Parents, you’ve gotta keep your eyes peeled and make sure schools know they can’t get away with trying to brainwash our kids with biased and inappropriate nonsense.

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