Some social media stars draw in major views with prank videos, but not everyone appreciates them—especially when they’re at the expense of an already mistreated minimum wage worker who gets pulled into some TikTok nonsense outside of their control.

A Taco Bell TikTok prank sparked major backlash online, with users calling the stunt “ridiculous” and “offensive.”

In the first video, @liltysie pulls up to the drive-thru line, phone in hand. He then asks how much it would cost to order one of “everything” on the menu.

The Taco Bell employee seemed immediately frustrated.

“$500 million dude — after taxes,” the drive-thru worker says in the clip. “Yes sir, if you want one of everything, that’s about what it will be.”

Watch it here: TikTok/Video

The conversation remains tense, and @liltysie eventually just asks for large ice water — which, of course, costs $0.

In his follow-up video, the TikToker drives forward to receive his drink. As the Taco Bell employee hands him his water, he says “I’ve got it,” then, shortly after, loses his grip on the drink.

Many TikTok users believed the accidental drop was actually part of the prank. From there, the situation escalates, with @liltysie asking for new water, and blaming the employee who handed it to him.

“It was his fault, though,” the TikToker said.

Watch it here: TikTok/Video

Commenters were largely enraged by both clips. Many criticized the prank as being unfunny and cruel, while others expressed their sympathy for the fast food workers.

“This is so disrespectful,” one user wrote.

“This is why I quit working at fast food,” another added.

“Fast food workers don’t get paid enough for kids to do stuff like this,” another wrote.

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