Instant karma or street justice has been served while screaming like a little girl.

Recently, a video went viral on social media after a robber ran up to a man and aggressively shoved a gun into his face but things went upside down when the intended victim slammed hardly the robber to the ground.

The strong victim have bear-hugged the suspect and slammed it to the ground while the gun have splashed to the concrete,

Oh boy, the suspect’s reaction, screaming like a little girl, or maybe a pig? was the most satisfying seconds in the video.

Watch it here:

I assume the intended victim is a wrestler? but hey, he did a good job serving that lesson to the young man who thought he handled the situation after attempting to rob this guy.

After this clip was posted on social media, it has earned massive views with opinions on what should have been done to the suspect.

Some say he should have waited for the police to arrive in the area, while some say he should have beaten the suspect even more.

This is not the only incident this year where the suspect gets bullied by their intended victim.

On the other news, A Calgary man and a Drumheller man face charges for an attempted robbery that went wrong for the would-be robbers. However, the two received none and instead fled the premises, only to be followed by a restaurant employee and witnesses who had been inside during the incident.

The employee and witnesses confronted the two until one of the suspects struck a witness with a baton.

Street justices are kind of more satisfying to watch while these hooligans get served their own medicine.

Sources: TapHaps, Calgary News

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