Jessica Gagen, a 26-year-old model and aerospace engineer, was crowned Miss England 2022 after surpassing all thirty other beauty queens in the competition.

However, Gagen’s childhood was a nightmare as she was made fun of by bullies for her auburn hair and big teeth. Her tormentors regularly punched her, spat on her, and even burned her flesh because of her natural red hair. But she didn’t let her childhood hardships keep her down and went on to win the pageant, which was presented in Birmingham.

Gagen’s victory in the pageant now means she will represent England at the Miss World competition. She’s come a long way since her days of eating in the toilet to avoid being bullied by her harassers. Gagen has been able to move past her childhood horror story and gained confidence in herself by working as a model and eventually following her success all the way to the A-levels.

“Throughout secondary school, I was teased for being a redhead,” said Gagen. “I didn’t mention it much during last year’s competition as I’m a big believer in leaving negativity in the past, but with there having never been a red-haired Miss England.”

As an idol to young women across England, Gagen wants to use her platform to inform people about not bullying children with red hair. She believes it’s important to educate people about what redheads face in school so that she can empower girls and boys like her to lead their best lives despite potential bullying.

“I was name-called on the daily, and although I don’t think the kids were being malicious in doing so, there were definitely times they were,” Gagen said. “I used to get really upset about it all, but I’m determined to show kids who are facing the same thing that it won’t happen forever.”

Gagen, who has been modeling professionally since she was eighteen, has previously urged young girls to follow STEM subjects. She believes that winning the Miss England title will empower kids who are being bullied for the way that they look and the color of their hair. She hopes to represent younger kids and show them that they can use their pain to raise their game and make it their superpower.

It’s great to see Gagen using her platform to empower young kids and educate people about the bullying that redheads face in schools. Her victory is a triumph, and she is an inspiration to anyone who has faced bullying and has been made to feel less than their best self.

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