A resourceful mother’s two-decade-long commitment to thriftiness unveils the art of dressing her entire family in secondhand clothing, saving thousands, and making a statement.

For two incredible decades, Angela Morton, a devoted mother, has been a champion of frugality, shunning retail stores for secondhand shops when it comes to clothing. This budget-conscious approach even extends to her undergarments, and she’s managed to save hundreds of dollars annually by dressing her entire family in pre-loved clothes.

Nestled in South Wales, United Kingdom, the Morton familyAngela, her husband David, and their two teenage children Ben and Meighan—have wholeheartedly embraced the secondhand shopping lifestyle. David, 40, now shares his wife’s love for scoring deals on gently-used items, while their children have grown up appreciating the unique charm of vintage fashion.

Angela’s shopping adventures give her a thrill like no other. She frequents charity stores and secondhand shops but also hunts for bargains online via eBay and Vinted. The savings she’s amassed over the years have allowed her family to enjoy various experiences and buy other things they desire. “I estimate that I have saved hundreds of pounds a year shopping secondhand,” Angela reveals, adding, “On just three items, I have saved around £1,304 (more than $1,500).”

Her children, now accustomed to the frugal lifestyle, are proud of their vintage wardrobes. Ben, 17, has a penchant for the 70s and 80s, while 16-year-old Meighan finds value in the unique styles that secondhand clothing offers. The entire family relishes a day out at vintage shops, making it a fun, shared experience.

Angela’s strategic shopping has saved her thousands of dollars over the past twenty years, and she’s landed some jaw-dropping deals in the process. Among her prized finds are a Vivienne Westwood bag, snagged for a mere $70, and two Stella McCartney bags that she scooped up for just $50 each—far below their $1,000 retail price. Another fabulous purchase: a pair of Dr. Martens boots that lasted her an impressive eight years, costing only $35 to $40.

The origins of Angela’s passion for secondhand clothing can be traced back to her teenage years when, at 19, she fell in love with vintage fashion. She reminisces, “I have loved the 1950s and 1960s since I was younger, particularly the clothing and music. I have never liked the styles of modern fashion and didn’t want to look the same as everyone else.”

Although Angela buys most of her lingerie secondhand, she occasionally indulges in new underwear from sustainable brands.

“I occasionally buy new from brands such as Y.O.U. underwear. It is ethical and sustainable and has a buy-one-give-two model, which means that every time you buy a pair of underwear, they donate two pairs of underwear to ‘Smalls for All,'” she explains.

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