Psychology often tells us that setting a daily routine can help us be more productive each day. It seems that it may be true after all and one woman has the perfect experience to back it up!

Every morning one woman follows the same routine and it isn’t just breakfast and yoga. Each morning she walks out into the woods and calls out. As she waits for an answer, she calls into the woods. But who is she calling out to? You’ll be so surprised when you find out who’s been answering her call.

Since her backyard is right next to the woods, the woman doesn’t have to travel far to call out.

And who is she calling out to? Well, it happens to be a beautiful little deer!

The woman from Oakridge, North Carolina is like a real-life Disney Princess, Amy Carrickhoff has made friends with the creatures of the forest and every morning she yelled out into the trees, as this might look familiar to many dog owners, but what came bounding towards her wasn’t your typical four-legged friend.

As she starts to call out toward the woods, “Little girl!” and with the “Here she comes,” phrase from someone, a cute deer approaches Amy.

Amy then says a kind hello to the deer, which then places its head on her. The deer can be seen following Amy into the house in video footage that was recorded of the interaction. The deer enters the kitchen through the rear door without stopping! Amy then prepares a bottle for him every morning.

“This is what we do in the morning… sometimes at lunch… and dinner!” the woman explained. But how did this routine even start?

Amy Carrickhoff Yells "Little Girl" Into Woods, Deer Runs Toward Her

The start of this routine isn’t a very happy one. It seems that the little deer was left without a mother after some hunters had gotten to her. The deer was all alone with no one to care for it. Amy then soon discovered the deer all alone with no one to care for it.

She knew she couldn’t leave a baby deer to fend for itself, so that is when she started to feed the baby. It was the best thing she could do at the time. Amy and the deer soon formed an incredibly strong bond. It was a true Disney movie moment with Amy coming to the deer’s rescue. It’s almost too good to be true!

Amy Carrickhoff Yells "Little Girl" Into Woods, Deer Runs Toward Her

However, other viewers raise concerns while some viewers find the clip to be the cutest. Hunters and wildlife rehabilitators believed Amy wasn’t doing the doe any favors, despite the praise from animal lovers for the fantastical experience and some even declaring they now wanted their own deer. They argued she was enabling the deer to become too accustomed to people, increasing the risk that it will be wounded or hit by a car or shot by a hunter.

Before sharing the concern the footage caused for him, one hunter wrote:

“After reading some of the comments, I feel compelled to add my own.  While it is true that her feeding this fawn will indeed make it somewhat dependent on her, the chance of that harming the deer would be slight. The bigger danger for it, and one that bothers me much more, is conditioning it to not be afraid of humans.”

“There are some (not all, don’t flame me) deer hunters that would love to fill a doe tag by having one walk up to him so he could cut its throat,” he said.

“You just gave this animal a DEATH SENTENCE – you also have put all your neighbors and their children at risk of being attacked where this deer matures and when she doesn’t get fed, she attacks someone,” one reader wrote, according to CNN, as others were more forceful and blunt with their opinions.

“Little Girl” reportedly assimilated back into the wild and had a fawn of her own. Shortly after giving birth, “Little Girl” wouldn’t come when she was called. Instead, she became wild again, leaving Amy confident that she didn’t overly domesticate the animal, although the clip created great debate as to the pros and cons of human interaction and interference with wild animals.

Amy said, “She walked off into the woods and we never saw her again.”

Adding that getting to know the deer was a special experience that she doesn’t regret, “I just watch the videos, and she kind of lives on,” Amy said.

Watch the video below for more details:

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