There’s nothing new about Biden’s being removed from his office, I mean it is long overdue and this leftist group just makes Americans a big favor.

Biden is clearly incapable of maneuvering this great nation, he’s just another puppet acting like an authoritarian tyrant so-called supreme leader by his own democratic cult.

Right Wing News Hour started in their commentary report, saying:

Reports abound of progressive radicals amongst Democrats making arrangements to swap out their visibly faltering figurehead for a more effective vessel if his anemic polling numbers fail to improve. Frankly, if the Democrats are unable to deliver meaningfully on legislative priorities, many of which are foreclosed by the razor-thin margin they possess in the hyper-partisan halls of Congress, then the more radicalized Democrat-Socialist grassroots and the old-guard who’ve allowed their party to be overtaken by them will move from quietly seeking a replacement to doing so openly. If Biden should decide to simply decline a second run, which seems highly possible, the field of possible candidates could erupt into chaos.

Nina Turner, former co-chair of Sen. Bernie Sanders‘s (I-Vt.) second presidential bid told The Hill:

“It’s definitely something that’s brewing under the surface. It’s called the anxiety of the American people, which is causing this scramble in political bubbles about what the possibilities can be.”

She added:

“If President Joe Biden does not seek reelection for whatever reason, that makes this a totally open seat. Period,” said Turner, who is in the latter camp.”

“There is a strong possibility, obviously, that the current vice president may seek the presidency again,”

We all know that Kamala Harris’ office is doomed after massive management problems, and even her own employee doesn’t want to get attached to her name.

Clearly, this mass exodus from her office and the worse poll number than Biden is a huge problem, Turner said.

Then, Turner noted, but precisely what is that possibility? Not great it seems.

“And there’s an even stronger possibility that others will be seeking the presidency, including people on the progressive left.”

Excerpt from The Hill-HarrisX poll report:

Thirty-six percent said they were “unsure” who they would vote for, while 13 percent said they would choose someone who was not on the list.

Biden has said before that he intends to run in 2024. If he won, he would be 81 years old at the start of his second term. 

Among poll respondents who voted for Biden in 2020, 22 percent said they would vote for Harris, the most of out of any candidate in the poll. 

Harris has struggled with her approval ratings since the start of her tenure as vice president. She has been tasked under Biden with handling the southern border and voting rights. 

Right Wing News added:

A Nov. 23rd CNN Op-Ed suggested that if Harris and Buttigieg could somehow bury the rather large hatchet between them, they could galvanize the party and avoid a painful primary that “could pit two key Democratic constituencies against each other: African Americans, particularly African American women, and LGBTQ voters.” But this seems more an act of desperation than anything else especially in light of the Hill-HarrisX poll released not three days later that showed the two combined would only net approximately 18% of those polled… not exactly a strong plurality.

The conclusion is inescapable: the Democrats have a non-viable incumbent and as a result of the twin, simultaneous implosions of rising stars embraced by radicals and the old guard alike: Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom… they have no bench to draw from.

Sources: Rightwingnewshour, The Hill, CNN

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