A Hotel Owner Began Complaining About Sand In The Lobby, There’s Just One Small Problem….

In the charming seaside town of Poole, Dorset, there’s a swanky hotel that’s the talk of the town – the Sandbanks Hotel. With its exorbitant $500 per night price tag, this place has become a hotspot for the rich and famous, from movie stars to soccer millionaires. But behind the glitz and glamour of this coastal gem, a gritty battle is raging.

Hotel owner John Butterworth finds himself shoveling out more than a grand each week just to keep the pesky sand at bay. Despite the staggering cost, he’s hell-bent on maintaining that picture-perfect experience for his well-heeled guests.

Perched on the beachfront, the four-star Sandbanks Hotel has become a magnet for the elite, drawing them in with its breathtaking views and luxurious amenities. But the unrelenting invasion of sand is turning the hotel’s once-pristine exterior into a confusing mix of beach and building.

John Butterworth, who’s been running the family-owned hotel for over sixty years, is fed up with the local council’s lack of support. He’s shelling out four grand a week in council tax, yet they only seem interested in clearing sand from public areas, leaving his business to fend for itself.

“We have been here as a family-run business for over sixty years, and this hotel alone pays at least four thousand British pounds in council tax a week,” Butterworth said. “All we ask is that they clear the build-up of sand to stop it was coming over – but they just won’t.”

With summer just around the corner, the hotel is gearing up for the bustling season ahead, desperately seeking help from the city council and local government. But their cries for assistance seem to be falling on deaf ears.

Jo Clements, a colleague of Butterworth, is downright furious about the council’s indifference. She points out that the problem isn’t just a headache for the hotel, but also affects guests and beachgoers looking to grab a slice from their takeaway pizza joint. While some folks reckon the hotel should just suck it up and deal with the beachy reality, Clements is adamant that the real issue is the council’s failure to maintain the area.

A BCP spokesperson said:

“The ongoing task of keeping our 12-mile-long promenade clear of wind-blown sand is challenging and demands a certain amount of prioritizing. Our first priority is always to maintain access for emergency vehicles and thoroughfare access for pedestrians, pushchairs, and wheelchairs along the Prom. Whilst we look to undertake planned management of sand on the rest of the beach, storm events and other operational pressures – such as the recent Bay Run along the Prom – can result in us needing to adjust our schedule. We are aware of the Sandbanks Hotel’s concerns about banked sand on the beach close to their terrace.”

So, for the time being, the Sandbanks Hotel finds itself duking it out with Mother Nature, striving to keep its glamorous reputation intact as it battles the relentless sands.

Source: AWM