One thing a masked thief wasn’t planning on when he planned his convenience store heist was a lone cowboy standing by to save the day!

Criminals believe that possessing a firearm gives them the ultimate advantage. Just because they were armed, they think they are invincible. However, as all of this is unfolding in a similar case in a butcher store, as an armed criminal attempted to rob the shop, he didn’t anticipate just what happens next. He just committed the grave error of undervaluing regular people who are in need.

A scary situation unfolded in Monterrey, Mexico when an armed robber ran into this convenience store. He walked right up to the cashier and demanded money while pointing the gun at her. The incident took place over years ago April 23rd, but Twitter shares are making the video trend once again.

The CCTV footage shows a young man in a black hoodie who can be seen brandishing a revolver. After waving it at the cashier, He turned to the customer at the counter and raised the gun to him. And as the gunman points it at an older man wearing a cowboy hat, we can’t hear what he said, but it definitely looks like the robber was shouting a warning.

Reynaldo Cárdenas

Everything about the convenience shop heist was going according to plan. But then the gunman made a catastrophic mistake.

He turned away from the man wearing a cowboy hat distracted for a split second by a female shopper coming up an aisle. And everything changed at that instant!

In what most of us would call true Wyoming cowboy fashion, he first takes off his glasses. Then the cowboy wasted no time and wrestled the firearm out of his hands, the instant he saw the robber turn away, putting an end to the convenience store robbery. Causing the robber’s lose his firearm as he turns to face the woman. However, they continued to struggle with each other when an employee from the back ran and grabbed the gun.

The robber tries to make a run for it, but 2 employees and the brave cowboy tackle him to the ground. You can see the cashier reaching for the phone to call for help.

Security cameras caught the entire nerve-wracking moment on film.

In the end, the thief is being held down by the three men as an employee can be seen on camera using a phone to call the police.

The old cowboy who saves the day was identified as Reynaldo Cárdenas.

The senior Cárdenas said later that he was afraid despite his cool exterior on camera. Through Facebook messages, Daniel Cárdenas said in Spanish, “Actually, he told me that he acted that way out of fear. He really believed that the man was going to shoot them. When he had the chance, he acted instinctively to disarm him.”

When the attempted robbery occurred, Daniel Cárdenas wasn’t in the store. His family called him to let him know what had transpired. He claimed that after seeing the CCTV film, he was happy for his father. He said, “I’m just glad he wasn’t hurt.” Reports state that the cops arrived around 10 minutes after the altercation and apprehended the gunman.

Reddit users were eager to commend Reynaldo Cárdenas for the cowboy’s bravery.

One joked, “When you threaten an old man, and he takes his glasses off, you might want to reevaluate your life choices,”

“He didn’t even lose his hat – not his first rodeo,” another said.

“You mess the bull young man, you’ll get the horns,” the finest reply might have been.

Well, if it wasn’t for this cowboy and his heroic efforts, this scene could’ve had a very different ending.

Watch the video below for more details:

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