Every child is a blessing and gift from God. When a child is born, the entire family is blessed. Children bring pride and joy to their parents as well as to grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings, and so on. While they may be the most precious in the sights of their parents, they bring a whole new level of joy to grandparents, who get to indulge in the pleasure of having children again but without all the direct responsibility that comes with being a parent.

It’s no wonder then that grandchildren hold such special places in the hearts of their grandparents.

One such happy grandfather is 49-year-old James Patrick of Breese, Illinois. James has two sisters, four daughters, and, up until recently, two granddaughters. He was content with the fact that he was the only male in the family, having been surrounded by women for most of his life.

However, everything changed when his daughter Carie Elbe was due to deliver her baby, James’ third grandchild. Everyone in the family was excited, including grandpa James.

What James was unaware of was the fact that Carie had found out at 20 weeks of her pregnancy that she was expecting a baby boy. She shared the information with everyone else in the family other than her father and asked all of them to keep it a secret. She wanted to give her dad a surprise he would absolutely flip over.

James was very happy to welcome another granddaughter into the family, but Carie knew that after having lived with only women for so long, having a boy in the family would be something he would really love.

The video begins with Carie asking her dad:

“What do you think of another baby girl?”

She had done a great job keeping the secret from her father. As soon as Carie found out she was having a boy, she decided the best way to surprise him was to wait until the birth.

Carie told Caters News:

“Dad has been the only boy in a long line of girls, so when we found out the baby’s gender at 20 weeks, we knew we had to keep it from him.”

Carie had done everything she could to avoid telling her father the sex of the baby. In fact, when he insisted, she told him that he would be getting another granddaughter. It was all part of her plan to build up the suspense and make the surprise more exciting.

At 0:06, James gets the first look at his newest grandchild, who is still being held in his mother’s arms. Instead of answering Carie’s question about having another baby girl in the family, James just asks about the baby’s dark hair.

Even before he knows the sex of the baby, it is clear James is enthralled seeing his grandchild for the first time.
He looks at the child with rapt enjoyment at 0:25, something he’s already been doing for several seconds while other grandchildren chat in the background.

Then, at 0:31, Carie begins to take off the baby’s blanket to show what he is wearing underneath. At first, James doesn’t realize why she moved the blanket. He just asks:

“More long fingers again, huh?”

A few seconds later, James starts to realize the baby’s shirt says something. He asks, “A what?” and Carie exposes more of the shirt for him to see. She even looks expectantly at James, with alternating maternal glances at her son. James finally moves his grandchild’s hands out of the way of the shirt and at 0:57, it becomes clear he read the message.

“FYI: I’m a boy!”

At this point, people in the background of the video and Carie start laughing while James looks dumbstruck at first. This grandfather was over the moon when he found out he would no longer be the only male in the family.

Best of all, the baby was born on Grandpa Landry’s birthday!

Watch the video below for more details:

Source: AWM

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