It’s fascinating how transformative a drastic haircut can be, especially when it involves someone with very long hair. For many women, their hair is a source of comfort and they often grow it long, opting for slight trims or mid-length styles. However, some choose to go even shorter for a change of pace.

In a video titled “Beautiful Redhead Gets a Pixie Cut,” Sheba Salvic, a model with flowing red locks, undergoes an extreme transformation. She arrives at a studio and poses for the camera before being whisked off to be styled.

As Sheba sits in the hairstylist’s chair, the stylist begins sectioning off her hair in preparation for the makeover. Sheba’s initial reaction is adorable when she sees the clippers come out, and as the stylist starts to shave off her hair, the camera pans down to reveal a pile of the model’s locks on the floor. Despite the drastic change, Sheba smiles throughout the process, although one can only imagine the shock she feels watching all of her hair being removed.

Once the shaving is complete, the top portion of Sheba’s hair is released, and the stylist spritzes it with water before cutting it. The stylist shows Sheba a long portion of the hair before getting to work on the rest of the style. The finished cut is a beautiful pixie style that flops over the buzz cut, revealing a new side of Sheba.

The stylist blow-dries the style and gives it some finishing touches. Sheba then moves on to makeup, and when she returns to the photographer, she looks like a completely different person from when she first sat down for her photo shoot.

Many people left comments on the video, expressing their admiration for the model’s transformation.

One person wrote: “Sheba Salvic, your face is absolutely beautiful. When she started shaving your hair off, I was like, wow, look at how stunning she is.”

Another commenter agreed, noting: “I knew she would look great because she has a very pretty face, but WOW!!!!! You look fantastic with short hair. It brings out your features.”

Others expressed their preference for the new edgy look, with one person saying, “Long hair is boring, and it now shows off her beautiful face. Well done.” However, one commenter wanted to know how Sheba felt about the cut and what her hair is like now.

The video showcases how a simple change in hairstyle can drastically alter one’s appearance, revealing new aspects of a person’s beauty. Sheba Salvic’s transformation from flowing red locks to a pixie cut is a stunning example of this, and the comments on the video reflect how powerful a new hairstyle can be in bringing out a person’s best features.

WATCH the video below for more details:

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