Opinion| Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is helpless to stop the fragile coalition that put her in power as it splinters from both the bottom and the top of her caucus.

Events of the past week just how tenuous Pelosi’s grip on power actually is.  That’s likely the real reason she’s been so desperate to get out of Washington, and to stay away, as long as possible.

Pelosi’s bad week started on Tuesday when seven members of her caucus, including five freshman, met with President Trump’s team to discuss potential areas of compromise in order to reopen the government.

Speaker Pelosi has remained steadfast in her refusal to fund a protective barrier along our southern border that she knew was a high priority for the president.  

By denying funding for the barrier she intended to put a political thumb in Trump’s eye.  Instead, those seven democrats who broke rank jabbed their thumbs in her eye.

Then, to assuage the growing radical Marxist-Islamic members of her coalition, she appointed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the powerful House Financial Services Committee.

Believe me, Pelosi in no way wanted her on that committee that’s already a disgrace with the naming of Marxist Maxine Waters as its chairperson.  

Pinkos, including Russia and China, are be cheering these appointments with good reason.  It sets Pelosi up to accomplish nothing – as in absolutely zero – during her tenure except to block President Trump’s MAGA agenda.

Our enemies couldn’t have asked for more.

Finally, Pelosi’s second in command, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said this during an interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier:

Baier asks Hoyer if he would remove existing barriers because they don’t work.

Hoyer’s response, “No, no,” shoots Speaker Pelosi’s position – not a dollar for any barriers – to crap.

Baier pushes him on this point: “So they work some places, right?”  

Majority Leader Hoyer: “Obviously they work some places.”

Meanwhile, President Trump remained in Washington waiting to make a deal while Speaker Pelosi kept hiding by running out of town like a scared school girl with a bad report card.

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