Just hours after Nancy Pelosi was spotted hightailing it out of town once again Friday, Republican Senator Joni Ernst has introduced a bill that would force dead beat members of Congress to stay in Washington DC until the shut down is resolved.

Her “No Budget, No Recess Act” is being cosponsored by a number of other senators.

In addition, the bill would prohibit lawmakers from leaving the nation’s capital if they fail to pass a budget on time. “This means that Congress would be unable to adjourn for the August state work period — commonly referred to as “recess” — until work is completed..”

Sen. Joni Ernst: It is “No budget, No recess” and it would force members of Congress to stay in DC until we have a budget done and until we have those appropriations bills done… There would be quorum calls to have our members on the floor twice a day until we work through the impasse.

Speaking of dead beats, Speaker Nancy Pelosi was spotted at Reagan International Airport in Washington DC flying commercial as President Trump suggested. Poor baby..

Ernst made these remarks amid the ongoing government shutdown. Hundreds of thousands of federal workers remained furloughed because of a stubborn refusal by intransigent Democrats to negotiate with President Donald Trump over the construction of a wall along the southern U.S. border.

The federal fiscal year begins every Oct. 1. The release notes that since 1976, the full year’s budget has been approved on time in only four instances. Ernst said the bill would end the cycle of stopgap funding.

“Hardworking Iowans, and Americans across the country, are sick and tired of government shutdowns, continuing resolutions and massive omnibus spending bills,” she said. “This dysfunctional cycle is not the way our government was designed to function or should function.

“If we fail to pass a budget and spending bills, we should stay in town and work together until we get the job done.”

“Congress should be held to the same standards of people in the real world,” he said in a statement. “Washington’s broken funding process has created a dysfunctional cycle of continuing resolutions, last-minute spending deals, and government shutdowns. Enough is enough.

“It’s time to create a politically neutral platform to fund the government on time every year, including real consequences for Members of Congress if they don’t get the entire job done. We should not go home until we have completed our work. Period.”

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget said it supported the proposal.

“A measure like the No Budget, No Recess Act would have provided an additional incentive for lawmakers to stay until a solution to the outstanding appropriations bills was found,” said a statement on the organization’s website.

“We support bipartisan work to fix our broken budget process and commend Ernst, Lankford, and Perdue for introducing this legislation,” the group said.

Ernst said that the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border is a humanitarian crisis and that Congress needs to find a way to support Trump and his initiatives.

She added that there are “so many ways forward” but that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has chosen not to meet with Trump to discuss them.

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