Sean Hannity wrote a blistering Opinion piece for Fox News today.

The radio host’s piece entitled, “Pelosi is too busy hating Trump to care about shutdowns, furloughed workers and angel moms” has gone viral on Facebook for obvious reasons.

Mr. Hannity went on to explain why he believes that the Speaker of The House is consumed with her hate for President Trump by stating:

She claims that she cares about furloughed government workers but she tried to postpone shutdown negotiations so she can take her government-funded international trip. She pretends that her fellow Democrats are ready to open the government immediately, but allowed dozens of her colleagues to take that luxurious, lobbyist-paid extravagant tropical vacation to Puerto Rico. They are the ones with lobbyists, corporate executives.

Did Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey look like a man that’s worried about furloughed employees of the government as he stood next to a woman in a bikini on the beach? On his all-expense paid vacation? Well, that’s only 10 days into the new Congress. Vacation paid, for 10 days in. Nice gig, if you can get it.

So, only a dollar for the wall, and the wall is immoral. Nancy Pelosi pretends that a partial shutdown is a major crisis. Where was she over the Christmas holiday? Vacationing in Hawaii. The president urged her to come to the White House, meet face-to-face to negotiate. He stayed in Washington and gave up his vacation. She obviously doesn’t care about the furloughed workers, and she obviously doesn’t care about reopening the government.

What’s worse, Pelosi doesn’t care about the root cause of the shutdown, which is border security. This is, literally, for many Americans a matter of life and death. When angel moms and dads and families —  those that lost loved ones at the hands of illegal immigrants — went to her office to visit with Speaker Pelosi, she was in the office. But she refused to come out and even meet with them.

So, Nancy Pelosi is obviously paying politics with the safety, the security, of all Americans, all because she just hates Donald Trump. Remember, Democrats sounded like Donald Trump four years ago. So, yes, it might be pretty easy to make this up on fake news CNN and their friends in the Democratic Party and to call border security a “manufactured crisis.” Really? Manufactured? Tell that to the face of angel moms and dads, all of whom lost their kids because of illegal immigration and sanctuary policies.”

Powerful words.

You can read Hannity’s entire piece HERE on

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