It has been reported that the newly-elected Democratic Senator of Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema showed up to the Senate floor this week wearing a super short mini dress, which she paired with knee-high boots.

The Arizona Democrat looked more prepared to go clubbing rather than speaking on the Senate floor.

Cassandra Fairbanks wrote on Twitter, “Wtf is @SenatorSinema wearing! Those boots look terrible with that dress, even if it was appropriate clothing for her job.”

Fairbanks also wrote, “They don’t even match. The colors completely clash. What on earth.”

Some said Sinema looked like a stripper or a hooker in her mismatched outfit.

User Kristinn Taylor wrote, “In both photos, Sen. Sinema looks like the before of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.”

A user named Rachel wrote, “Kyrsten Sinema, Senator from Arizona looks more like she’s in search of a stripper pole, than the Senate floor. SMH! She’s a disgrace! #stripperpole #NoClass #DISGRACEFUL.”

A user, GOPTEHJANA, wrote, “When you gotta go directly from the Club for your shift on the stripper pole right after your job in the U.S. Senate. That’s one of the 2 new senators from Arizona, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema.”

User Robyn Call wrote, “Someone please tell Kyrsten Sinema that she looks like a hooker in these thigh high boots on the Senate floor!”

Earlier this month, Sinema was the target of criticism for the outfit she chose to wear during her swearing-in ceremony.

The Gateway Pundit reports, “The newly-elected radical Senator refused to be sworn in on a Holy Bible, she opted to put her left hand on a copy of the Constitution. Kyrsten Sinema is the only member of the Senate who does not claim to be a member of any religion. Sinema is openly bisexual, making her the second member the Senate to be a part of the LGBTQ community.”

Sinema, was also a radical Code Pink activist as well as a Taliban sympathizer who wore a pink tutu to protest.

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