Hillary’s Server Continues To Haunt Her

Looks like 2017 isn’t looking much better for Clinton…The FBI just released a whole new round of emails  makes clear that she committed espionage..and this could mean worse news than Hillary had even imagined. Even though Hillary’s case has been an opened and closed book, recent developments have regenerated the case and she is back in full panic mode. Check it out:

VIA| Here is the back story.

On July 5, FBI Director James Comey announced publicly that the FBI would recommend against seeking an indictment of Mrs. Clinton for espionage — the failure to safeguard state secrets that had been entrusted to her. He argued that though the case against her was strong — as secretary of state, she had been extremely careless with secrets; exposed hundreds of materials that were confidential, secret and top-secret; and used non-secure mobile devices while in the territory of hostile governments — no reasonable prosecutor would take the case.

Why was the decision of whether to prosecute Mrs. Clinton left to Mr. Comey?

The FBI’s job is to gather evidence of federal crimes and to present that evidence to career prosecutors in the Department of Justice for evaluation. The FBI has numerous investigative tools available to it. One of those tools is presenting evidence to a grand jury and requesting subpoenas from it. Another is presenting evidence to a federal judge and requesting search warrants from the judge. A third is obtaining the indictment of someone who is in the inner circle of the person who is the true target of the investigation and then persuading that indicted person to become a government witness.