During an appearance on Fox Dan Bongino to discuss the need for funding for the Wall, and other border security measures, Rachel Campos Duffy, turned the conversation to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the total indifference she has shown to the Angel moms, and other family members, who have lost loved ones to senseless violence at the hands of illegal aliens.

 (prompt to 2:21)

Host Rachel Campos Duffy:

“Dan, you know I’ve been very disturbed and surprised, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, at the total indifference that so many Democrats and the media have had towards parents who have come forward.

“Angel moms and dads who have been coming forward now because, as you say, it’s now or never for this Wall.

“They’re coming forward, they’re telling their stories.  Such indifference. Here’s an angel mom. I want you to take a listen to this, to who’s really upset at Nancy Pelosi for calling this a manufactured crisis.”

Campos Duffy then runs a clip of three angel sufferers.  The first to appear is Dawn Witherspoon who was made a widow after he husband was struck and killed by a drunk illegal alien in February of 2017:

“I’m disgusted by Nancy Pelosi, I am.  It is unbelievable that we have politicians in our country that do not care about people.

“If the Wall was there and the border was in place, my husband would be here.

Laura Wilkerson whose son was beaten to death and then lit on fire, spoke next.

Blood is on her hands.  She absolutely took an oath to protect American citizens.  She’s not doing it.

Mary Ann Mendoza whose son became a police officer and a pillar of the community that he served, was killed by an illegal alien:

I would love the opportunity to stand in front of Nancy Pelosi, mother to mother, and look her in the eye and say which child of yours or your grandchild of yours would you give up to support this agenda?

That’s a slap in our face and a kick to our loved ones graves.

It’s unbelievable she won’t take meetings with any of these parents.  She doesn’t seem to care about Americans.

They claim that Pelosi refuses to meet with them.  Other angel survivors claim the same thing.

What type of evil, cold-hearted bitch is our new Speaker?  How could Democrats have elevated her to their leadership position?  Unless…

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