Former Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer wants Americans to know that over 3,000 pedophiles belonging to an elite pedophile ring have been arrested, yet the mainstream media is silent.

But why?

Speaking with Infowars Michael Zimmerman at the NRA’s annual convention, Sawyer says that intelligence insiders have confirmed that Trump’s vow to crack down on pedophiles is in effect and very much working.

Sawyer said,

“We started a nonprofit organization called ‘Veterans For Child Rescue’ and we are raising money to expose high-level elite pedophile rings that are snatching up our children. Some of them are into satanic rituals and torturing little infants and toddlers to death.

I’m getting high-level information from federal law enforcement and intelligence communities. There have been over 3,000 arrests since January. We have a President now who is not ok with children being raped and tortured to death, thank God.

With all of these arrests going on, I’ve been learning more and more about it and I’ve realized I have to go independent to get around the gatekeepers in the mainstream media who refuse to report on it.

My mission is to inform the American citizens of what they’ve been denied knowing. I want to provide a non-permissive environment against these acts for these children and make a better environment for the children going forward. We have to do something.

I’ve assembled a task force of high-level intelligence retirees and veterans who are very capable. So, we’re going to shoot this documentary and shine a light on this cesspool of corruption and help clean it up.

Immediately after I told Alex Jones and announced our founding of the organizations. I got phone calls from officials saying there are two groups planning to attack the organization.

I’m going to allow their attacks to illuminate what they’re doing.

Social media is suppressing my reach. Crowdfunding sites have undermined us. But every day we are gaining more and more support from high-level officials. It’s a grassroots movement that is growing very very quickly.”

So, what is really their motive behind not reporting such disturbing news?

Is it because they will do anything to hide anything and everything good that the President is doing for the nation?

Or is it something much more sinister?

Here is the interview- Pay close attention.and SPREAD THIS EVERYWHERE!

11 Responses

    • Dennis Pine

      Yes, of course, so that these corrupt corrupters may go to their corrupt congressmen, lawyers, judges, and rich (corrupt) friends, and file all kinds of corrupt lawsuits, which their friends in high places will help them, win, so that these corrupt “corrupters” can continue using ill GOTTEN gain, with which they can continue to pursue their pernicious ways!

  1. Joyce ingersoll

    Thank you for our effort. Our children cannot protect themselves so real men must protect them

  2. David

    Name the organizations that are doing this.
    I don’t know where this veterans group is operating, but we will support them !

  3. Dee

    Please post the details, names, connections, dates/times etc. All of your work is greatly appreciated and needs to be brought to the proper authorities for prosecution and justice.

  4. Nancy

    Keep up the good work. I love you guys and I love our President. I believe this issue is real, and Thank God …something is being done!

  5. Bob

    I will contribute to the cause only if you publish the names so I know this is a factual story.

  6. Jim H

    If they do not execute these child molesters it is not worth much. Publish at least their names!


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