In a racist attempt to portray less white and more brown on its campus, York College of Pennsylvania recently made the decision to alter a photo of a group of students at the school that was taken for advertising purposes, replacing two of the white students in the picture with an Asian student and a Muslim student.

When the original photo was submitted, York Collegeadministrators reportedly told the digital team to “fix the problem” – the “problem,” of course, being the existence of too many white students in the photo. The digital team then proceeded to use Photoshop to artificially put more brown students into the photo to increase its portrayal of “diversity.”

“I was confused, I was like, what happened?” asked Karina Garcia, a former student at York Collegewho posed for the original photo and remembers who else was there. “Why weren’t they there, that was my first question,” Garcia recalled when asking the original photographer what happened.

“He was like, yeah, they just wanted a more diverse billboard so we had to get two other students and we put them in there. When they went to show the person that had to approve the photo it wasn’t approved so they had to rush to fix the problem,” she added, explaining that there was a “diversity” agenda that resulted in the requested change.

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York College says erasing white people “reinforce[s] inclusivity” at the school

Hardly surprising were the many observant students, faculty, and members of the local public who took notice of the unusual changes. Images of the original photo alongside the doctored version quickly spread across social media, with folks asking: Why was it necessary to erase white people and replace them with brown people?

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When asked about this directly, a spokeswoman for York College issued a statement of political correctness, explaining that the doctored photo “reflects the diversity of students who live and learn at York College.”

“In an effort to reinforce inclusivity, we attempt to ensure that all students are represented and welcome,” this spokeswoman added.

University of Wisconsin – Madison caught randomly adding black man to magazine cover photo of students attending football game

The University of Wisconsin – Madison (UWM) perpetrated a similar anti-white stunt when it reportedly Photoshopped the head of a black man into a photo of students cheering at a UWM football game, which appeared on a cover of the school’s magazine.

Reports indicate that the black man in question, Diallo Shabazz, had never even attended any football games at UWM, and was surprised to discover that school faculty had arbitrarily used his image as part of a ploy to make the school appear more “black.”

“I flipped back, and that’s when I saw my head cut off and kind of pasted onto the front cover of the admissions booklet,” Shabazz is quoted as saying, after he was pulled aside by an admissions counselor and shown his photo on the magazine.

“The admissions department that we’ve been talking about, I believe, was on the fourth floor, and multicultural student center was on the second floor of that same building. So you didn’t need to create false diversity in the picture – all you really needed to do was go downstairs.”

According to Tim Pippert, a sociologist at Augsburg University in Minnesota, it’s all part of a new Leftist trend of “diversity marketing” that colleges and universities are attempting to use as ploys to bring more blacks and browns onto their campuses.

“They’re trying to sell a campus climate, they’re trying to sell a future. Campuses are trying to say, ‘If you come here, you’ll have a good time, and you’ll fit in,’” he’s quoted as saying.

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