ROFL: Twitter Users Turn On Ocasio-Cortez After She Disgraces Herself, Spends Entire SOTU Talking, Acting Like a Petulant Child

Opinion| We all know self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and by now we’re all familiar with her childish antics.

One would think that she might knock it off and behave during an event like President Trump’s State of the Union address, but she couldn’t even hold it together through a single speech.

The New York Representative is known for her large Twitter following, which has reached nearly 3 million by now, however, some users are not thrilled with her recent behavior.

Ocasio-Cortez, joining some of her female colleagues, dressed in all white to the SOTU address, to show “solidarity” with her fellow feminists.

It was noted by Guardian’s Washington, D.C. bureau chief David Smith that Ocasio-Cortez didn’t even stand up to show respect for First Lady Melania Trump.

“Trump begins speech and welcomes Melania. Most stand and applaud. One member encourages Ocasio-Cortez to do so; she appears to reply, ‘What? Why?’” Smith wrote in a tweet.

Fox National security strategist/radio personality Sebastian Gorka mentioned the fact that Ocasio-Cortez refused to even acknowledge most humanitarian issues that were brought up.

“NOTE THIS WELL: This woman even refused to applaud the @ICEgov agent who saved more than 300 girls and woman from coyote smugglers,” Gorka wrote. “AOC is a Marxist who couldn’t care less about other women.”

Political commentator Ryan Fournier wrote in a tweet, “AOC is consistently looking to see if other Democrats are clapping to see if she should too. Someone send help.”

Actress/author Robbin Young wasn’t happy with Ocasio-Cortez, either. Young wrote, “AOC, you showed your true colors, and came off looking like a ‘Wicked Witch.’”

GOP National Spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany called out the freshman Congresswoman for looking around to see if others were clapping before deciding to applaud.

“WATCH: Democrats and @AOC can’t seem to figure out whether to stand (or even clap) for sex and human traffickers being put behind bars! Really!?”

Western Journal explains, “While Trump’s address might not have been appreciated by the youngest congresswoman in history, it was well received by the American people. A CBS poll showed that 76 percent of those who listened to the address approved of the president’s speech, only 43 percent of which were Republicans.”