Pelosi Pushes Law Which Would Likely Result In Government Taking Children From Parents For Refusing To Help Their Kids Transition Genders

As a father of two girls, the thought of having my kids taken away from me is just about the scariest thing I can imagine.

As our laws sit currently, the state is only allowed to intervene in a family case when evidence of abuse and/or neglect is present.

Things are now changing with transgender ideology trumping the word of doctors and going up against the way the courts give definition to “parental abuse and neglect.”

Western Journal reminds:

Last year in Ohio, a judge removed a biological girl from her parents’ custody after they declined to help her “transition” to male with testosterone supplements. The Cincinnati Children’s gender clinic recommended these treatments for gender dysphoria (the condition of being distressed with one’s biological sex).

When her parents wanted to treat her with counseling instead, the county prosecutor charged them with abuse and neglect, while transgender activists and pro-trans doctors compared their decision to denying treatment for asthma or even cancer patients.

That all happened without federal legislation.

Now, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made it a top legislative priority to pass her Equality Act, which may actually “give the transgender community a vice grip over the medical profession. It could open the floodgates for lawsuits against doctors who don’t fall in line with transgender ideology,” according to Western Journal.

Turning gender dysphoria’s medical treatment protocol into a political argument may end up with more parents who refuse aid in sterilizing their children being prosecuted.

Western Journal explains, “As more doctors recommend that children take puberty blockers at age 11, cross-sex hormones at 16, and undergo ‘sex-reassignment’ surgeries at 18, parents who resist could face charges of child abuse and lose custody of their children. The tragedy in Ohio could be repeated in families across America.”

“The transgender movement wants to dominate the field of medicine, and to do so it is threatening doctors and hospitals with penalties. Some states have already passed laws similar to Pelosi’s Equality Act. In New Jersey and California, transgender activists have sued Catholic hospitals for ‘discrimination’ on the basis of gender identity because they wouldn’t perform sex-change surgeries for patients with gender dysphoria,” the news outlet reports.

While the lawsuits might seem ridiculous, they were brought on by the state’s own anti-discrimination laws which treat individuals’ sexual orientation/”gender identity” as “protected classes and health care facilities as public accommodations.”

The Equality Act also does this .

Western Journal reports:

Pelosi’s bill would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, making hospitals and doctors across America vulnerable to costly litigation if they don’t follow the medical recommendations of the transgender movement. It would turn anti-discrimination law—which was meant to protect disenfranchised minority groups—into a coercive sword to threaten doctors into submission to transgender ideology.

With Christian conservative parents being the most resistant to gender fluidity arguments, we believe this law will result in a many Christians being subject of it’s enforcement.